Before the Belt

Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Gap*
Watch: gift
Skirt: Old Navy
Knee socks: grocery store
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
*Asterisk indicates that this item is secondhand — whether from a thrift store, consignment shop, yard sale, or generous friend

Fern is the sort of lady who doesn’t rush to add a belt.

If it’s a necessary tool to keep a pair of pants up high where they should be, then fine, but otherwise — she’s skeptical of the idea.

But belts are nice for adding shape to a sacklike sweater, just as a sacklike sweater is nice for keeping you warm, so after Fern took this picture and continued preparing for the day, she relaxed her up-shrugged shoulders and added a little belt to her waist — the natural one, the one that bisects her belly button. And the belt she chose was turquoise, with a silver pineapple for a buckle.

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