Half-Charged Preppy

Sweater: J. Crew*
Necklace: vintage*
Skirt: New York & Company*
Rose bracelet: gift
Chain bracelet: found on the street!*
Wedges: Gretta
*Asterisk indicates that this item is secondhand — whether from a thrift store, consignment shop, yard sale, or generous friend

Fern lives her life on half-charged batteries. This applies to her phone, her portable computer, and — yes — her camera. Said camera only had enough juice for eight pictures today, whereas Fern typically takes around 30 or 40 to get some shots she’s happy with. (Okay, honestly, her average is 64.) Luckily, a few of those eight snaps were usable, meaning they did not feature Fern falling over or looking like she’d smelled something rotten.

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