Learn About Fern

“What Fern Is Wearing” is the style diary of an alter ego. Put another way, Fern is entirely fictional. I can vouch for that as the true writer of this blog and the person whose pictures you can find here.

“Fern” is my pseudonym or pen name. I adopted this pseudonym because I thought it would help me be a little less serious and stressed about the way I present myself on this blog. Also, because I love pretending. It’s my favorite thing.

The real me is named Sara. I grew up in the southwest U.S. (just like Fern, as you’ll find out), studied writing and literature in college, and recently moved to Seattle, Washington. I work as a freelance writer and secondhand clothing buyer.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked on finding/creating my personal style. One step in that process was imagining the sort of person whose style I’d want to emulate.

“She’d be a student, for sure. She’d gravitate to all those classically scholastic items, like suspenders and blazers, knee-socks, plaid.”

(from Lucky Magazine, November 2011)

“Maybe a student in Europe. Germany, perhaps? She’s into that effortless European thing, all chicness and ease.”

(from The Sartorialist)

“But she’d have artistic flair. She would own many a scarf and be fearless about wearing loads of jewelry.”

(from Vogue Magazine, October 2011)

“Maybe she’s studying art in Germany, but wouldn’t it make sense for her to be an expat? Wouldn’t she be the all-American gal, equipped with denim cutoffs and Converse sneakers? She must have relocated to Germany after growing up in the USA.”

(from ChelseaBird on Chictopia)

“She’d be from the Southwest US, with preferences for turquoise jewelry and sturdy clothing. She’d draw from Native cultures, cowboy aesthetics, and Mexican influences. Let’s say she’s from New Mexico.”

(from Fashionologie)

The final tally: my imagined style icon is an art student living in Germany, though she originally hails from New Mexico. Her style is a mixture of European ease, artsy touches, scholarly tradition, Southwestern charm, and American practicality.

I dress as she dresses, and for the purposes of this blog, I’ve named her Fern. Fern’s day-to-day routines would look very different from mine (being that I’m not a student, an artist, or a transplanted European), but our wardrobes are identical, down to the stray socks and missing buttons.

Curious to know more? You can leave a comment here or send me a note: whatferniswearing (at) gmail (dot) com


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