Inspired By (Sweaters or Jumpers)

Sweater: Pacific Club, vintage*
Necklace: booth at a fair
Belt: thrift store*
Dress (worn as skirt): Ann Taylor*
Tights: Chinese Laundry
Boots: Frye, vintage*
*Asterisk indicates that this item is secondhand — whether from a thrift store, consignment shop, yard sale, or generous friend

Fern is no stranger to style blogging, even if she is new to writing one herself. She’s been reading and bookmarking online inspiration for years, with wide-eyed wonderment for the internet vixens who do their doin’ with aplomb (or is it “with a plum”?). One such lady is Karen from Where Did U Get That. Karen’s been killing it lately with oversized sweaters (she calls them “jumpers,” that adorable Brit!).

Fern, feeling this aesthetic was totally perfect, went searching thrift stores and found her cozy “new” red sweater for all of eight U.S. dollars. If only she had an incredible photographer and the chutzpah to don a hat and sunglasses as well, she’d be a living tribute to Ms. Karen.

Want to learn more about this Fern character? You can do just that, just by clicking here.


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