Only Red or Yellow

Headband: grocery store
Sweater: Banana Republic
T-shirt: Gap
Belt: vintage*
Leggings: BDG*
Rainboots: unknown brand*
*Asterisk indicates that this item is secondhand — whether from a thrift store, consignment shop, yard sale, or generous friend

Fern recently moved to Germany, and having always lived in the dry environs of New Mexico, she wasn’t fully prepared for these rainier climes. She’s gradually acquired umbrellas, raincoats, and hats for her head, but the last piece of the puzzle was missing. If she was going to have rubbery shoes to slog around in, she wanted them to be bright. She wanted them to be cheeky. She didn’t want them to feature patriotic insignia or drawings of butterflies. Butterflies are for flying, not jumping in puddles.

A pair of rainboots in red or yellow were really the only ones that would suffice, and lucky for our picky Fern, some red ones crossed her path. Today is their debut.

Want to learn more about this Fern character? You can do just that, just by clicking here.


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